1. . Each Member and Family Provider, registering or using the mammacult Website accepts these Terms of Use of the site:

a.    we can access information about you through third party sources and platforms (such as social networking sites, databases, marketing and targeting companies);

b.    we keep track of participation of any member in the discussions within our community;

c.    we may share with third parties aggregate information, or information that doesn’t directly identify you to develop content, services and advertisements. Please note that we do not share your contact information with third parties who may place advertisements on the Website;

d.    when you interacting with the Website, some information may be automatically collected, including Internet pages visited immediately before and after our Website; activities within the community discussions; Internet and advertising pages that displayed and link on which you clicked on the Site; the bandwidth speed and information about the software installed on your computer or mobile;

e.    we aggregate and analyze the data we collect in reference to the data of non-registered users. We may use this information, for example, to track and analyze site usage, to improve the functionality of our Website and to choose more accurately the content and layout to meet the needs of our visitors;

f.    to customize the site experience and to simplify the registration process, we give the possibility to access or interact with third-party services such as Facebook and Twitter. When you connect to the Website by these third-party services, we may share information with these third party service providers, which in turn can share with us information about you;

g.    if the user allows access to their data via a third party service to create a profile on the Website, we may use these data for other purposes, including:

I.    Create automatically relationships with the mammacult Website. For example, if you connect to us through a service with a public list of friends, like Twitter, we can check if the people who follow on Twitter are also members of the site. If they are not, we replicate the Twitter relationship with those members, inserting them as fans, followers or friends on our Website.

II.    Suggest reports. For example, if you connect through a service that has a list of private contacts (such as Google and Yahoo!), we look for people in your contacts who are also members of the site and suggest you become a fan of these users. This process is not automatic; you must explicitly choose to become fans of these users that we suggest you.
III.    Compile a list of potential friends to whom you can send e-mail. When users share content with their friends by using, for example, the site option “Forward to a Friend”, we can use the lists of friends from third-party services to create a list of contacts which you can choose to send an e-mail.
IV.    To improve and customize your experience on the Website, when you connecting via a third-party service, we can access certain account information such as your profile picture, the stories are more popular in the network and what friends say about some articles or blog posts.

h.    We may terminate or suspend the Website or prevent their use by you or the Family provider. mammacult reserves the right at any time and from time to time to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the use of the Website (or any part thereof) with or without notice. The user and the Family Provider agree that the Website is not liable to them or any third party for any modification, suspension or discontinuance of the Website. In addition, we reserve the right to prevent access to the Website for any reason and to undertake any further action which mammacult , at its discretion, deems to be in the interest of company and users.

i.    We hold all rights to the Website of mammacult and its content; the user and the Family Provider license certain rights when they send us the contents:

I.    The Website (including all text, photographs, graphics, video and audio content on our website) is protected as a collective work by copyright laws and we own all the rights. All individual articles, blogs, videos, content and other elements that are part of the Site are also protected by copyright and mammacult retains all rights.
II.    By submitting post or entering content on the Website (regardless of the form or media in relation to such content, whether text, video, photographs, audio or otherwise), any User, even unregistered, and Family Provider grants to mammacult the right to display or publish these content on the Website, to store these content and to distribute them and use them for promotional and marketing purposes. Without limiting the general lines of what has been described, in respect of any video content sent to us.

j.    Each user, even unregistered, and Family Provider shall only be liable for the contents sent and the consequences of their publication or they sending. In relation to each of the content you submit, each User and Family Provider represents and warrants that:

I.    Own or have the necessary rights about privacy and about the image, consents, licenses and permissions to use and authorize us to use all the material submitted, to enable inclusion and use in the manner contemplated by us under these Conditions the use of the Website.
II.    Have the written consent and / or permission of all persons identifiable individually, with respect to such material submitted, to use the name and representations of each identifiable person individually, to enable inclusion and use in ways we beheld under these Conditions.
III.    Not to carry out these activities: (I) publish falsehoods or false statements that can harm us or third parties; (II) post any unlawful, obscene, defamatory, libelous, threatening, pornographic, harassing, hateful, racist, discriminatory or that encourages conduct that may have criminal law, which constitutes a liability, which violates the law or is in any case bad.
IV.    It acknowledges that when you send content in any form to the site, we can authorize the distribution or sale or publication of other media related company.

k.    The use by the User even unregistered, and by the Family Provider of the Website content is limited:

I.    Except as expressly provided by mandatory provisions of applicable law, you can’t copy, reproduce, distribute, publish, enter into a database, display, implement, modify, repurpose, transmit or in any way exploit any part of our site or any content contained in it, except for the right to print a copy that is limited of occasional articles of personal interest.
II.    Notwithstanding the above, you can’t distribute any part of this site or any content of it on any network, including, by way of example only, a local network, sell or offer it for sale. Moreover, these contents may not be used in the making of any kind of database.

l.    mammacult is not responsible for the views expressed by those who contribute to our content nor necessarily share the same: opinions and other statements expressed by users and third parties (eg., Bloggers) belong only to them and don’t represent the views of the company. Content created by third parties is the sole responsibility of such third parties and their accuracy or completeness is not endorsed or guaranteed.

m.    Use of the Site by the User and the Family Provider is subject to certain conditions:

I.    The Website is available “as is”. We don’t guarantee that the service will be uninterrupted or will is error free. There may be delays, omissions, interruptions and inaccuracies in the news, information or other materials available through the site.
II.    We not warrant or confirm the accuracy, completeness, timeliness or reliability of any advice, opinion, statement or other materials uploaded or distributed on this Website or available through links on our site. We reserve the right to correct any error or omission on our site.
III.    Although we intend to take reasonable action to prevent the introduction of viruses, worms, “Trojan horses” or other destructive materials on our site, we don’t guarantee that our website or the materials that can be downloaded from it don’t contain such malicious elements.