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Refunds Policy

1. The issue of service

Mamma Cult, in their sole discretion, may deem a "Problem of service” in the following cases:

A. The Family Provider (i) cancels a booking less than 24 hours of the date of the service, or (ii) doesn’t make available the place and date agreed for the service.

B. The service didn’t take place within the agreed time:

I. The Family Provider has refused to perform one or more activities without an objective demonstration of the impossibility to carry out the same and has not offered any alternatives (using the "suggest" function) to replace the identified activities as impractical.
II. The duration of the experience has been lower than planned: if the service lasts significantly less time than stated in the booking and Family Provider has not proposed any alternative to be taken until the completion of the entire duration of the service;
III. The Family Provider, following a special selection of activities by the User, has not specified the risk that the final time would have been enough to complete all the selected activities.

2. Exclusions

The User who is not satisfied of the quality of the experience can’t claim back the refund, but it can concretely express their opinion expressing an assessment to the Family Provider.

3. Teaching mode of refund

Any user who believes they have suffered a Problem of the Service, will report it to Mamma Cult as indicated below, which at its discretion will assess the case. If Mamma Cult considers the existence of the Problem of the service may, at the User's option, (i) refund the amount paid through the Service, according to the percentage determined by Mamma Cult based on the nature of the Problem or (ii) do everything possible to retrieve and / or to book an alternative service but comparable in terms of duration, location, content and features. All decisions of Mamma Cult regarding the Settlement Policy, including the repayment amount will be final and binding for you and for the Family Provider.

To submit a valid claim for a Problem of the service and receive the benefits related to the reservation, the user must strictly carry out all of the following actions:

I.    Present the problem in writing through the appropriate functionality of the website or by phone, and present appropriate evidence and information regarding the service and the circumstances of the problem  no later than 24 hours after the time appointed for the use of the service, undertaking to provide any further specification requested by Mamma Cult and to work with Mamma Cult to solve the problem of service.
II.    Show that you are not  responsible, directly or indirectly of the problem of the service (by action, omission or negligence).
III.    Demonstrate that you have attempted to resolve amicably the Problem  directly with the Family Provider before contacting Mamma Cult.

In case of the problem of service, the rights of users, according to the Settlement Policy, replacing the cancellation conditions set by the Family Provider.

All Mamma Cult decisions concerning the Policy of Refund, will be final and binding for the user and for the Family Provider concerned.

4. Miscellaneous Terms

Mamma Cult reserves the right to modify or cancel the Reimbursement Policy at any time, in its sole discretion, and without notice. Each Problematic will apply the Policy in effect at the time of booking of the relevant service.
In no event Mamma Cult will recognize a refund in excess of the amount paid by you to the Family Provider for the Service.

5. Contacts

For any question about the Redemption Policy, you may contact Mamma Cult through the email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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