To search for a task based on the destination, there are several options:
a. You can enter the name of the city in the free search field
b. You can click on the specific city tab if included in the Top Destinations
c. In the search engine on the right you can write or select the city you prefer

In the search engine you can also enter the age range of children and the type of category: Tours, Workshops, Parties, Excursions, Summer Camp and School.

By selecting a task, a search engine with different filters appears on the right, including the age ranges of the children for which it is suitable. For each service Mammacult indicates the age groups for which the activity is suitable:
• 0-3 years
• 4-6 years
• 7-9 years
• 10-15 years
For example, if you have two children aged 4 and 9, select the appropriate activities for ages 4-6, 7-9 years. In this way it will be easier to choose the most suitable service.

If you already know what you want to visit or what you want to do, you can simply enter the name of the activity in the field dedicated to the search tool that you find on each page of the site at the top center. For example, if you want to visit the Colosseum or enroll your children in a workshop dedicated to Picasso, you can enter the name “Colosseum” or “Picasso” in the search field.

If you do not yet know exactly what you want to do and are looking for interesting activities in a specific destination, you can enter the name of the city or region you want to visit in the field dedicated to the search tool that you find on each page of the site at the center: in this way you will be able to discover what activities we offer in that specific area.

If you do not know exactly where to spend your holidays or, for example, you have to organize your son’s birthday party and you do not know where to start, you can discover Mammacult’s proposals by selecting a specific category from the top center home of activities between “Tour“, “Kidslab“, “Party”, “Outdoors” and “School”: in this way you will be able to find out what proposals we offer on the whole national territory for the different categories of activities.


Mamma Cult only selects local operators specialized in recreational and / or cultural activities suitable for children and highlights the materials made available to children, the type of staff employed and the age range recommended for carrying out the activity.

You will pay only what you see, there are no pre-sale or booking fees.

To carry out the activity you must have a copy of the voucher received that serves as a ticket (printed or saved on a mobile device) and a valid identity document of the customer who made the booking or is responsible for the group.
If an activity requires a specific clothing or a particular piece of equipment, it will be specified in the relevant web page, as well as on the booking voucher.

Of course, we are at your disposal to help you. If you want to make changes, how to remove or add participants, change the date or time of the activity, change your contact details Contact us directly
Once the activity has been confirmed, local operators accept cancellations or changes to the booking as defined in the standards, unless special information on the cancellation policies set out in the activity sheet

The reservation allows you to guarantee the place for you and your children.

Once payment is made, the reservation is subject to confirmation by the Supplier. This is because activities for children are not mass activities, but carried out by specialized operators.
Once payment is completed, the Local Supplier will receive your booking and once accepted, Mamma Cult will send you a “Confirmed Activity” voucher.

In the event that the Local Supplier has no availability, he will propose you days, hours or alternative activities. If it is not possible to change, we will proceed to make the refund immediately!

The local Provider will contact you to send you all the details of the activity (meeting place, time, name of the guide or educational operator, useful contacts)
You can show the voucher, also in electronic format, on the day of the activity.

It depends on the type of activity you are booking. For some services or products offered, automatic confirmation is required, as soon as the booking request is submitted, for others, in particular during high season periods, confirmation of the Provider is guaranteed within 24 hours of receipt of the request.

Information for Party

The birthday at the Museum provides a different activity than the usual animation, as it is a structured game-visit for children inside the Museum. Even if it is a birthday children can not run or scream in the Museum and will be guided by the operators in following the rules of good behavior. There are no spaces for cutting the cake inside the Museum, unless otherwise indicated in the activity sheet. Parents can freely choose a local or a nearby café for cake cutting.

Yes, of course, in the Kidslab section you can find many fun solutions to organize a different birthday!

The location is never included, unless otherwise specified in the activity sheet.

Once the reservation is made, Mamma Cult takes care of advising the Family Provider and checking availability. Once you have received confirmation, you will receive a “Confirmed Activity” email and you will be contacted by the Family Provider to define all the details of the party: name of the party, age, place, time …

Generally it would be advisable to do it at least 2 weeks in advance to ensure the availability of the operators. In any case, if you make a reservation and the Family Provider is unable to meet the request, an immediate refund will be made.

To ensure that the entertainment service is optimal and ensure the success of the event it is appropriate that the number of operators is appropriate to the number of children. This is especially true when children are young (<6 years).

In this case we recommend booking the service for a minimum of guests and then request an upgrade if the number of guests increases. If, for example, we know there will be at least 20 children, you can book the service for 20 or 25 children. If they then increase, you can ask the Family Provider for an integration to ensure the presence of another operator.

Within each activity sheet, the expected type of entertainment is specified. In general, the entertainment service includes: entertainment operators, support materials, organization of theme games, music and assistance with snack and cake cutting. All details are however listed in the activity sheet.
If you have chosen for example a Lego theme party, the operators will take care of bringing the necessary material to organize games with Legos.


In the form dedicated to each Mamma Cult affiliate structure it is always possible to find direct contacts and a link to the website of the structure.
The cards dedicated to the affiliated structures are divided into the categories “Sleeping”, “Eating”, “Moving” within the “Affiliate Family Friendly” section, accessible from each page of the website in the center below.

You can contact the Mamma Cult staff by entering the “Contacts” section, which you can find on every page of the website at the bottom left, and filling out the appropriate form in which you will have to indicate your main need, your contacts and insert your message . For any information please contact