Mammacult is a socially driven Startup that promotes the dissemination of a culture that is attentive to the needs of families with children aged 0-15.
Mammacult undertakes to operate by pursuing the following social objectives:


Facilitate the access of families to the Italian cultural heritage and promote the social tourism of Italian and foreign families in the national territory


Allow families to access quality activities designed for children, reducing search and booking times, both in their city of residence and traveling in Italy, through an innovative digital platform


Allow to enhance and increase the visibility of operators and local monuments for their skills and for their adherence to a culture #familyfriendly

Mammacult creates a bridge of contact between families and operators of the sector, playing the role of promoter of a quality offer of activities for families and facilitators and incentives for the dissemination of a #familyfriendly culture.
To help families find the activity and services best suited to their children’s needs, all activities of the Family Providers and other proposed Services and Structures are analyzed and evaluated according to the #Family Friendly criteria of Mammacult and the age groups at which are suitable.

#FamilyFriendly 0- 3

Services able to meet the needs of children in stroller, lactation and changing areas, equipment for children of this age group

#FamilyFriendly 4 – 6

Services able to meet the needs of pre-school children, trained staff, games and activities adapted to the motor and language skills of this age group

#FamilyFriendly 7 – 9

Services able to meet the needs of school-age children, trained personnel, games and activities adapted to the language skills of children of this age group

#FamilyFriendly 10 – 15

Services capable of responding to the needs and interests of secondary school children, trained personnel, tools and activities to stimulate the interest of children of this age group

For each activity, Mammacult identifies whether to respond to the needs of one or more age groups.
For each activity you are informed of the Family Provider that offers and manages the supply of the activity to the Family.
If you want to become a Family Provider, contact us to join the Mammacult network!

Mammacult also applies the #Family Friendly certification model to services and Receptive, Catering and Transfer facilities,
assigning them four different stamps, based on the respect of the needs of children of different ages.