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Do your Safari? An unforgettable adventure in Verona with your kids

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An experimental and evocative day that will take children to discover the spaces of the city of Verona.

It is an experimental and creative voyage made to live on in the kids’ (and parents!) memory.

Using brushes, chalks, papers, markers, a map, a rope we walk to the main sites of Verona city center, but instead of giving and hearing explanations, we experience the place.

We take water from a fountain, listen to the city’s voices, walk blindfolded, count arches and statues, make sketches etc…

As a psycho-geographical activity, Safari aims to widen the horizons of perception of a place and, in the meantime, we have lots of fun!

Do you Safari?

Additional Info

  • Modality: Private, on request
  • Typology: Cultural
  • Location: Verona
  • Children ages recommended: 0-3 years, 4-6 years, 7-9 years, 10-13 years
  • Family Friendly: Trained staff, Educational material for children
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Season: All the year
  • Excluded periods: August, Easter, Easter Monday, Christmas;
  • Participants Max: 30
  • Languages: ITA, ENG
  • Included tickets: No
  • Skip the line: Not necessary
  • Meeting point: Piazza Bra, to the statue of Vittorio Emanuele
  • Timetable: 10 am-4 pm
  • Included:

    educational material for children

    3 hours Tour with a guide

  • Notes: Reservations must be received at least 36 hours before the date.
  • Code: E_TOUR_VR_Safari
  • Basic price includes: Up to 30 people
  • Availability: to confirm
  • State: Italy
  • City: Verona
  • Street: Piazza Bra
  • Zip Code: 37121
Provider Verona Tours
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Attività - Città più visitate - Eventi

Tutte le attività (Tour, Laboratori, Feste, Escursioni, Scuola)